Submission Guidelines

In Sanskrit ‘Anna’ means food and ‘purna’ means complete; together the term Annapurna signifies nourishing with food to the fullest. Also known as Annapoorna…

Welcome to Anna (food and grains) purna (full, complete, and perfect) Magazine’s Table: the goddess is here to help us stay nourished with our harvest,  our tables, our mouths, and through our minds. The senses of taste, smell, vision, and hearing help food become a very pleasurable experience; something that often comes through description- let us taste, smell, see, and hear your work.

Share your passion for food, drink, and socializing where food and drink are consumed (No Pornographic Nudity Material Accepted). Most expressions of food and feast will be considered. No stories over 1,000 words or novels are being considered at this time. We will not be reviewing chapbooks or book unless we solicit the work. If you have a novel idea for a new literary concept and would like to email editors, then it is worth a try!

~ Online publishing takes place (1) once in the spring, and a print anthology in fall ~

We do blind readings with a fair amount of editors each submission period. You will be notified around the date of publication, as most editors work day jobs and do this because they are passionate-

Poetry– 3 to 5 poems in one word.doc file (if work is in body of email, we shall not respond), 12 point in size- times roman font only

Prose– 3 in one word.doc file (if work is in body of email, we shall not respond), 12 point in size- times roman font only

Flash Fiction– 1 piece of work and under 1,000 word limit (if work is in body of email, we shall not respond), 12 point in size- times roman font only

Artwork– digital files attached to email only, any medium accepted, but work must be clear and be scanned if possible (if work is in body of email, we shall not respond)

Photography– digital files attached to email only (if work is in body of email, we shall not respond)

We no longer take simultaneous submissions due to the fact we are quarterly and have found writers and poets are not telling us the work was taken by the time we publish and have to remove work after putting it up. Thank you for not sending us simultaneous submissions.

Annapurna Magazine and ‘Submission’ must be in subject line of email, please and thank you!

A few more guidelines- We will consider previously published work, but prefer unpublished works, if you must please give them credit and we will link to them; if you have sent the same work to another magazine to be considered and it was accepted, we ask you let us know ASAP; our editors will be looking at work as it comes in, and will give you an answer about your work with-in a weeks time of of publishing (we publish seasonal as of now-quarterly).

Annapurna does not ask for or will ever want a fee, so send your work on… But if you are feeling charitable, you can chip in on our editorial team and work for your supper…email: with editorial ques in the subject line  if you are interested in working on our editorial staff. Criteria? If you have slaved away on a recipe or dish and are passionate about how last night sauce stained a beautiful piece of writing…feed us!

Now, what are you waiting for?


As of June 24th, 2013 there is a new email to be used for all submission-

Your name along with Annapurna Magazine and ‘Submission’ must be in subject line, Thank You!


October 1, 2016, Print Anthology ‘Clarify’ III

We shoot for a Thanksgiving edition

Calling all Chef-Poets, and flash fiction – non-fiction writers…

We are looking for submissions that are viable recipes in poetry, flash fiction (1500 word max) and non-fiction, our new literary-recipe-cookbook. Tell us a story of your food experiences, our plate is empty. Recipes will be formatted the same, permission to reprint and format is given once you submit the piece. Thank you!


Fiction and non-fiction accepted, 1500 word count limit (flash)

Deadline- October 1, each calendar year, with a Thanksgiving holiday slated print date

Guidelines subject to change, dates and projects…


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