We are currently closed for good, lack of submissions and interested, and our continued growth as a publisher of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction (submissions open for book mss and our other two sites, Cowboy Poetry Press and Z-composition, email–it’s been a fun ride and the site will stay up, but no work will be accepted for website or anthologies. Thank you to all who have supported this endeavor.

Annapurna Magazine was started by a few passionate foodie/poets who seem to find bits and pieces and even crumbs of food in their written work and other artistic endeavors.We are a collective of editors from around the world. We all share one thing- we love food. We love to cook, eat, grow, and read about food. Therefore we love to write about food. Do you? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be here!

If you think you have the skills to join us at our editing table and share our passion, then email us at

Send us you bio and tell us in 40 words or less why you think the goddess needs you…

Annapurna will publish 2 times a year with a 1 time print anthology (collective on on-line work and submissions specifically directed to this), following the seasons of food growing, being harvested, and eating around the world- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and with themes.

Annapurna is the third ezine under Red Dashboard LLC Publishing house- It’s first ever print anthology is due Nov 2014, and will host a guest editor- Ava Chin, NYC author and radio host.


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